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No solution is the same as another, with us you can start a new custom digital challenge for your brand.

The Customer is at the center of our thinking and making: strategy, design and technology enable an interactive engagement by increasing digital transformation in every possible way.

Antalyx’s digital design is a flexible practice that aims at building the most appropriate structures to your target and your goals, maximizing results.

Discover our design process in details…

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…in details

Listening & Understanding

First of all: let’s talk together!

We want to get in touch with your reality, know your target audience, discover more about your brand, define what we know and find out what we don’t know yet.

Research & Analysis

Business realities are different from each other and the aim of our research is to recognize and highlight every difference.

We meet both your business goals and users’ expectations by analyzing corporate informations, target audience, possibilities of product use and competitors’ strategies.
This analytical approach makes it easy to understand Brand’s strengths and its target and gives all the strategic infos to create User/Product interactions.

IA, Interaction design & Wireframes

Each of us put in place a unique mental process to accomplish specific operations…

A linked group of operations, usually unconsciously carried out. We create infographs patterns and navigable wireframes, actions flowcharts to understand the product use logic by showing all the possible interactions between the interface and the user, the flow and the interface status in every use phase, identifing ourselves with the target user.
 An Information Architecture which fully satisfies Client and user’s expectations.
It’s essential a testing process of the wireframe together with the Client to evaluate the navigability and possibly correct the already taken choices and the followed confirmation of the proposed structure.

Mockup & prototype

Once established the Information Architecture and the UI structure we realize high detailed and static Mockups together with linkable and navigable Prototypes which simulate real user interaction.

People like to see, feel and be naturally connected with their operations. This means that it is important to provide the right visual and emotional stimulation.

It is necessary to provide a realistic and appealing experience of the product that can shape items, forms, images, fonts, buttons’ size and many other aspects of the interface linked to the unique identity of the brand’s Client, including the possibility of the creation of new emotional stimulations during the daily usage of the user.
Through these prototypes it is possible to test and define the final impact of the entire project and eventually modify graphics and interactivity by the use of potential comments and suggestions of the Client.

UI & backend development

The end-product must have the appearance, functionality and interactivity which are been defined, tested and approved by the Client.

We assure that the code development closely translates the graphic creation in every small detail, fulfully reactive for definitive platforms and we garantee perfect quality and total control.

Test, finalize and…launch!

Test it as much as you can, and then the design process is complete and the product must go out in the open.

Nothing can be left to chance. We managed to turn an abstract idea into an actual digital product. The time has come to use the asset and putting it out there all over the world.


Post-launch Services

We know every small detail of the product and all its innovative energy, because we have developed it with you!


Antalyx offers you a complete set of post-launch services:

  • Complete technical support both remotely and on site
  • Marketing and creativity support for every product advertising activity
  • Professional sale support to create commercial webs and partnerships


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