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We live in a rapidly changing world.
Our digital solutions  have no boundaries and no limits.

Antalyx always aims at the study and the creation of collaboration solutions and digital comunication to face new and complex business challenges.

We do our best to achieve solid results, to optimize the communication and the participation of your Team and your target users and to minimize the time spent to reach your goals.

Agile Working

Antalyx’s Solutions leaves you total freedom to create, develop and manage your work collaborations, projects and advices without the constraints of a physical workspace, putting your ideas first. Schedule meetings, share project steps from anywhere and manage your work at any time.

Digital Workplace

With our Solutions you will be constantly in touch with collaborators, partners, customers and employees sharing content, in videoconferences and communicating in daily chats via secure encryption. We bring your daily business organization to the next level.

Digital Entertainment

We design and develop digital Entertainment Solutions to capture your live Events, Radio Shows, Company Meetings and Conventions and share them with your viewers on any branded webpage, your mobile applications and your business platforms. Antalyx Live Streaming Engine can be integrated with other third-party systems and solutions to support your ever-changing streaming needs.

Unified Communication

We create integrated and unified solutions of real-time communication tools, such as audio-video conferencing, instant messaging and telephone, presence of contacts and data sharing to improve the efficiency of business processes and the management of large Organizations as well as a new Start-up.

Our products are fully encrypted and cloud-based, safe and reliable, no software needs to be installed.


Transform your operating models.
Remove the barriers of physical workspace.


Via Carlo Foldi 6
20135 Milan – Italy


Avinguda de les Corts Valencianes, 58
46015 Valencia – Spain