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chat rencontre femme gratuit AntalyX commits itself to protect your privacy. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to the processing of your personal data provided and managed by AntalyX  through the website (“Website”), and describes the activities of personal data processing carried out by AntalyX via the Website. AntalyX processes your personal data when you visit the Website and you use the services and functionalities on the Website. This Privacy Policy was drafted in accordance with Recommendation No. 2/2001, implemented on 17 May 2001 by the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, and represents information notice for data subjects in accordance with Art. 31 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent amendments and additions (“Personal Data Protection Code”). This Privacy Policy identifies the data controller of the processing of the personal data collected and processed via the Website; it also specifies which data have been collected, the purposes and modalities of their processing, the scope of their disclosure to third parties, the security measures adopted in order to protect them, and the ways in which you can verify your personal data processing and exercise the rights you have been recognised by the Personal Data Protection Code.

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bazar bekanntschaften tulln The Data Controller is AntalyX, with registered office in Via Carlo Foldi 6 – 20135 Milan  – Italy. You can contact it using the following address: Via Carlo Foldi 6 – 20135 Milan  – Italy  

Which personal data we process and when we collect them

premarin testimonials AntalyX collects and processes the personal data you voluntarily shared in the event of interactions with the Website functionalities and request of services offered on the Website, for instance during your registration and opening of an account on the Website, or the use of web conference functionalities, which include inviting and being invited to take part in the web conference. The personal data that AntalyX collects and processes in these cases usually include name and e-mail address, as well as confidential User ID and password, assigned to the User at the end of the registration process (“Registration Data”), and the information about the payment of amount due. As an optional feature, other kind of information can be required. Moreover, in the context of web conference invitations, guests’ personal data may be inserted in the platform (i.e. name and e-mail address). When you give third parties’ personal data, you have to ensure that the release of data to AntalyX, and their subsequent use by us for the finalities determined from time to time, comply with Personal Data Protection Code (i.e. before giving us third parties’ data, you must inform them and get their consent, if requested by Personal Data Protection Code). In any case, AntalyX will not fail to bring this privacy policy to the attention of the subjects invited to the web conference in the event of their first interaction with the Website. The mere visit and consultation of the Website shall not per se entail the collection and processing of your personal data, with the exception of the so-called browsing data, which are those data that need to be transmitted to the Website in order to allow the functioning of the computer systems responsible for the Website management and the communication protocols of the Internet. This category includes, for instance, the IP addresses of the devices used to visit the Website and other parameters related to the operating system used to connect to the Website. AntalyX collects these and other data, such as, for instance, the number of visits and the time spent on the Website, for statistical purposes only and anonymously, in order to monitor the functioning of the Website and improve its functionalities. Such information is not collected to be linked with other information about you and then used to identify you; however, by their very nature, they can allow your identification by processing and connection with data held by third parties. Browsing data are immediately deleted after anonymous processing and can be used by AntalyX to ascertain possible responsibilities about cybercrime against or via the Website. Apart from this possibility, the aforementioned browsing data are stored only on a temporary basis, in accordance with applicable regulations.

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For which purposes we process data We process your personal data primarily for those purposes that are instrumental to supply and manage services via the Website. Such purposes include registration and opening of accounts, the management of making and receiving invitations to web conferences by users. In addition, we process your data to fulfil obligations arising from laws, regulations, community legislation, to exercise your rights before judicial courts. Collected data can also be used to update and correct previously collected information. Giving us your personal data, to allow us to carry out the aforementioned activities, is optional. However, a failure to provide data in some cases will prevent us from implementing our contractual obligations and/or supply you with the services and information required, including the possibility to use web conference functionalities. With your consent, which is free and optional, we will be able to process your data even for other purposes, such as market research and marketing, that is to send you, using different contact methods (which potentially include traditional mail, e-mail, newsletter, fax, text messages such as SMS and MMS), information and promotional material about our products, special initiatives, promotions, events organized by us or in which we take part, including invitations, as the case may be, as well as for data collection purposes about service quality and level of User satisfaction. Giving us data for the aforementioned additional purposes is optional, and a denial will not have any consequence on the supply of required services, information and materials. With specific reference to marketing activities carried out via electronic mail, your consent may not be required if you have already given your electronic mail coordinates during the selling of a similar product or service and not initially denied that use, or in the event of the sending of subsequent communications. In any case, we specify that you can oppose, free of charge, to the receipt of promotional e-mails, both at first – during the registration process – and later, sending a mail to: Via Carlo Foldi 6 – 20135 Milan  – Italy . Moreover, you may always choose your favourite contact method (e.g. e-mail, SMS, or other) and oppose to any subsequent sending of promotional materials, even with reference to only one, or more, contact methods. Data will be processed in compliance with the compulsory safeguards and measures required by Personal Data Protection Code and Data Protection Authority, and will be stored for a period of time that complies with Personal Data Protection Code requirements. At the end of this period, data will be automatically deleted or irreversibly anonymised.


How we process data – Data security We collect and process data with electronic and manual means following procedures and logic related to the aforementioned purposes. AntalyX commits itself to ensure your personal data security and respects the provisions of applicable regulations, in order to avoid data loss, illegal or illicit data use, and unauthorised access to them, with particular reference to what is provided for by Annex B of Personal Data Protection Code (Technical Specifications Concerning Minimum Security Measures). All systems and software are configured in such a way as to reduce to minimum the use of personal data, which are anyways used only when necessary to the pursuit of the specific purposes pursued from time to time. Collected data are safeguarded and filed on servers that adopt protection measures against the risk of intrusion and unauthorised access. AntalyX has also adopted security measures that provide data integrity and availability, as well as protection of areas and places relevant for their retention and accessibility.


Our Cookie policy

The Website uses cookies. Cookies are small dimension data files that can be memorised on your devices when you access to the Website or to some part of it, in order to store given information, and that are then retransmitted to the Website on your next visit. For instance, cookies can help AntalyX to: (i) understand your browsing preferences, so as to facilitate and optimise Website functioning and its use, even when moving between different pages and browsing sessions; (ii) monitor and analyse Website performance, functioning and efficacy, in order to improve and optimise it. The Website does not use cookies that allow launching of programmes on your devices, or uploading of viruses on them, or that allow any kind of control on your devices. We do not use cookies to access information on your devices, memorise their data, or monitor their activities. We may permit technical or commercial partners to set cookies on your devices, in the event of your interaction with the Website. For instance, AntalyX uses Google Analytics system for web analytics services, and so, in this context, Google may set relevant cookies on your devices. The previsions of this Information notice will also apply to the processing by AntalyX of the information obtained through cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but browsers usually allow modifying settings related to cookies management. It is possible to refuse to receive all cookies or to accept some of them and disable others. The sections normally called “Options” or “Personal Settings” in the browser menu allow avoiding the receipt of cookies and other user tracking technologies, and explain how to obtain notification from the browser about the activation of these technologies. As an alternative, it is possible to manage cookies consulting the “Help” section on the toolbar of most browsers and to visit relevant reference websites, for instance Internet Explorer; Chrome; Safari; Firefox; Opera. From mobile devices: Android; Safari; Windows Phone; Blackberry, etc. Please note that disabling cookies could limit the possibility to surf the Website and prevent from fully benefit from functionalities and services offered on the Website. To decide those to accept and those to refuse, below is a description of the different cookie typologies potentially used on the Website.

  • First-party cookies: first-party cookies are set by the website visited by the user, which address appears on the URL window.
  • Third-party cookies: third-party cookies are set by a different domain from the one visited by the user. If a user visits AntalyX and a third party company sends the cookie using AntalyX (e.g. Google Analytics cookies), such cookies are third-party cookies.
  • Session cookies: such cookies are temporarily memorised and are deleted when the user closes the browsing window.
  • Persistent cookies: persistent cookies are memorised on users’ device inside browser sessions, allowing to remember preferences or user’s actions on a website. They can be used for different purposes, for instance to remember preferences and choices made during an earlier use of the website.
  • Essential or technical cookies: such cookies are strictly necessary for website functioning. Without their use, some parts of the website would not work. They include, for instance, cookies that allow to access to protected areas of a website. These cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and cannot be deactivated.
  • Functional cookies: such cookies are used to recognise a user that comes back on a website. They allow customizing contents and remembering user’s preferences (e.g. selected language or geographic region). These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user. All the collected information are anonymous.

More specifically, below is a list of cookies used on the Website with their description and features, including their time duration.

To which subjects we can communicate data

Data are accessible only to qualified subjects, such as Data Controller and possible persons in charge of the processing. The up-to-date list of data processors and subjects to whom we communicate data is available upon request to AntalyX. We can communicate data to: authorities; public bodies; professionals; self-employed collaborators, even in associate form; our commercial partners, that is third parties we use for commercial, professional and technical services to manage the Website and pursue the aforementioned purposes; third parties in the event of mergers, takeovers, sale of business or of a line of business or other extraordinary transactions. Such third-party subjects may be located outside the European Union. In this case, data transfer will take place only after the adoption of the measures necessary in accordance with Personal Data Protection Code. Such third-party subjects are supplied only with the information necessary to comply with relevant functions; they commit themselves to use the information received only for the aforementioned processing purposes, to keep them confidential and secure, and to act in accordance with applicable regulations. In addition, we communicate personal data to legitimate addressees pursuant to laws or regulations. Except as provided above, your personal data will not be shared with third parties which do not conduct any commercial, professional or technical function for AntalyX. Third-party subjects will process the data received as data controllers, data processors or persons in charge of the processing, as the case may be, for the aforementioned purposes and in accordance with Personal Data Protection Code. Your data shall not be diffused in any case. To use Google Analytics service, we can transfer some of your data to Google Inc., with registered office in the United States, a country that, as for Personal Data Protection Code, do not grant an adequate level of protection of personal data. However, this data transfer towards the United States is permitted by Personal Data Protection Code, because Google Inc. joined the Safe Harbor Program (the so-called Safe Harbor privacy principles). More information about Google Analytics privacy at:

Your privacy rights in accordance with Art. 7 of Personal Data Protection Code

At any time, you can exercise the rights granted by Art. 7 of Personal Data Protection Code, e.g.: obtain confirmation about the existence or not of data about you; verify their content, origin, accuracy; ask for an integration, update, amendment, cancellation, transformation in anonymous form; blocking of data processed in violation of law, objection, in whole or in part, to processing on legitimate grounds. To exercise your privacy rights you can turn to the Data Controller as identified in the first part of this Privacy Policy.