Really in Real Time!

Your Live Events in HD

Capture and Stream your live events, Radio Shows, Business Meetings or Conventions and share your live streams with your viewers on your websites!

All in Cloud: no hardware for infrastructures!

Our Live Streaming Solution guarantees the load of your listeners with AntalyX Cloud Infrastructure.

Manage commercials breaks and videos!

With Live Box Studio you will schedule default scenes and start multiple media sources.

Stream live event and show to any viewers using our broadcasting infrastructure to show high quality real time streaming in any WebSite or Web Platform.

With Live Box Studio you can transforms live streams to adaptive streams, dynamically adjusting resolution and bitrate to match each viewer’s bandwidth thus providing the best possible streaming experience for every one.

Live streaming
AntalyX Live streaming

Stream your events directly on your website

Thanks to our APIs you will broadcast your Events from your branded webpage or integrate with different social platforms.

Record and save your events!

Use Live Studio to save your videos for a later viewing!

Customize Your Streaming Achitecture!

Integrates AntalyX Streaming Engine with other systems and third-party solutions. Leverage the services APIs and components to build solutions that support your evolving streaming needs.